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Epic Cajun:Creole-Soul:Fusion food experience


What if you could take the food and attitude of New Orleans (without the roaches & crime) and magically drop it in Knickerbockers Saloon on Water Street in Princeton Wisconsin? We did - WhoDat!?!?!

Topped with Voodoo sauce & slaw. Served on a warm Po-Boy roll, dill pickle spear and warm tortilla chips

Smoked Andouille Sausage $9 Smoked Chicken (breast and thigh) $9 Smoked Beef Brisket $11 Smoked Pulled Pork $10

Mellow & sharp cheese blend with Voodoo sauce pressed between 7” grilled sour or corn tortillas (your choice) – Throw in extra junk in between to give it good mojo. Served with sour cream, dill pickle spear and warm tortilla chips.

Naked (tortilla’s, cheese & sauce) $6 +Pork or Chicken $7 +Beef Brisket $8 Total Mayhem (meats, onions, Voodoo) $8

Smoked natural casing weiner made with beef and pork that “snap” when you bite’m – Pile on the junk to make them a serious taste condition. Served on a grilled bun with dill pickle spear and warm tortilla chips.

Dawg Naked (ust the weiner and a bun) $7 ADD: Voodoo Sauce or Sweet raw onions $0,

+M&C +$1, +Bacon $1, +Pork $1, +Cheese Whiz $1

+Slaw $.50, Add Everything (Dirty Dog) +$2

Basket of warm tortillas and Bayou dipping sauce $5 Mac & Cheese (6oz) $4

Mac & Cheese (6oz) + Pulled Pork $5 Naughty Rice & Beans (w/pork, chicken & brisket) $4

Cole Slaw (6oz) $3

Complete Selection of Domestic & Import Beers Fine selection of Napa Valley Wines & Champanes

Infused Bloody Mary’s | Classic Old Fashions | French 75s Mimosas | Exotic Manhattans | Perfect Martinis

Our inFamous Hurricane’s and Cyclone Frozen Drinks

2, 7” warm flour or corn tortillas served with slaw, cilantro, sweet onions, Voodoo sauce. Served with a dill pickle spear and warm tortilla chips.

Smoked Chicken (breast and thigh meat) $9 Smoked Pulled Pork $10 Smoked Andouille Sausage $9 Smoked Beef Brisket $11

Cold Brew Coffee(16oz) $3 Cold Brew Tea(16oz)(sweet or not) $3Perrier Sparkling Water $3

Pepsi & Coke Products

Served with choice of 2 small sides (slaw, m&c, naughty r&b or chips).

1/2lb Beef Brisket $16 1/2lb Pulled Pork $14 1/2lb Pulled Chicken $13

Bayou Combo: 1/4lb Chicken & 1/4lb Pork $14 Bubba’s Combo: 1/4lb Brisket, 1/4lb Pulled Pork $15

Drew Brees: 1/4lb Brisket, 1/4lb Pork, 1/4lb Chicken $20

Mac & Cheese – 3.5oz $3

Naughty Rice & Beans (w/pork, chicken & brisket) $3 Cole Slaw – 3.5oz $2

VooDoo Chips $1.50 Whole dill pickle $1

Sauces: VooDoo Sauce: Sweet &Tangy or LaFitte Sauce: Firey Hot!!!